“Good design means as little design as possible.”
- Dieter Rams -

Eyes to the future, windows to the world. From the Flemish part of Belgium, Ludovic Beckers took off to absorb all cultures and styles of the globe like a sponge.
An International career as hairdressing educator took him from New York to Buenos Aires, from Berlin to Rome and from Stockholm to Paris… His interactive shows were guaranteed to inspire the crowd and meanwhile, over 100 awards are under his belt. Ludovic has also created collections for Redken international, Academy 314 Belgium & Curve-O. The Belgian-born hairdresser is famous for his innovative yet simplistic approach on graphic cuts and precise finishing.
He is seen as a visionary artist. For one, Ludovic is the creator of the Curve-O advanced cutting comb, an aerodynamic tool that follows the curve of the head and is like a perfect extension of the hand. He’s also one of Redken’s most in-demand global artists, creating collections and appearing on the international stage.
For Redken, Ludovic’s role is to inspire and to educate, and he says he loves to share what he’s learnt with other stylists.

With the invention of the curved advanced cutting comb & brand Curve-O he created the cornerstone of his extensive work. “If you look at the history of the comb, you can only decide that it has always been straight. It’s crazy that the design of something like this is only now changing.” So says Ludovic Beckers, the designer of a cutting comb which is turning the hairdressing industry upside down, both literally and figuratively.

haircutting, colouring, styling consultation

Personal consulation is a service designed by International platform artist Ludovic Beckers.
“I’m always looking for the most natural way to complement fashion to your already existing beauty.
I’m traveling around the world helping woman to get that sophisticated natural beauty with an edge.
My way of consultation pays attention to each step to the creation of hairstyle."

For appointments (worldwide) please contact Ludovic by mail.

important career moves Ludovic Beckers

Started in his parents salon at the age of 17
EDUCATION @ Sassoon academy, Alan International, Junge&Michaelis, Toni&Guy, Alexandre de Paris, Trevor Sorbie
Father died when he was 29 (they had 7 salons by that time )
At this time he was educating for SEBASTIAN
He sold all salons and kept 1 ( re-named it to House of Artistry )
Ludovic started with PROFILE, a magazine for Hairdressers ( Benelux - 20.000 pieces 5X in a year )
One year later he organized the Photo awards for hairdressers in Belgium
5 years later Ludovic sold the magazine & Awards
He created the CURVE-O comb & international brand.
Ludovic became international artist for REDKEN till date
He presented the Redken European Symposiums with opening & closing shows.
Ludovic participated as lead for the Las Vegas world symposiums.
He presented @ the Tribu-te show in La Cigale Paris together with Sassoon Academy, Angelo Seminara, Jay Mamood & Tim Hartley
Ludovic won over 100 awards in total

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For bookings, photography, private consultations, PR and media please contact Ludovic Beckers (artistic director) by mail. He will get back to you as soon as possible.

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